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Casino Royal parade

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Vivetha was so professional in her work , I can feel the love and passion in her … very strong...

Vivetha was so professional in her work , I can feel the love and passion in her … very strong lady , despite of tiredness she played it well throughout. Amazing & special mention that I loved all her products , every single thing were so classy and dazzling. Wish u all the best , you will make it big one day darling vivi.

Dinesh u are the best husband any girl could get. keep supporting her buddy. we all know how supportive you were. Cool buddy you are.

Athu kutti adorable kid , he s the main reason for this successful photo shoot ,he was so cool all the day and gave space for his parents to work pleasantly. Such a doll he is is. Love u papa

Prema Aunty , the way you pampered every one was out of the world. I know Vivetha is so lucky to have you , u are the show stealer Aunty , all rounder , you just took care of every single person out there. Love you lots , u were treating me like ur daughter , Love you Amma for those lovely memories.

Radi baby , cool person to work with , not compromising in her work for any reason ,, gave her best , I loved ur hair do darling , wanna work with you again. ummahaha

Photographers , Bro you both were so relaxed and gave us time for every thing , understood the suittation and work accordingly ,, sema team work , all the best guys.

Models and actress, all were looking gorgeous & lovely team work , all came and supported them with full of love , kudos girls.

Wat els I could say , lovely people , lovely team , lovely environment, totally candy family . God bless every one , stay blessed.

Leesha Eclairs


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